3 Tag Lines We Propose For Sarah Palin’s Reported Future TV Channel

Capital New York reports that Sarah Palin is set to launch a digital channel tentatively called “Rogue TV.”

According to a quoted source for $10 a month you can view something described as… well…

“Think of it as a video version of her Facebook page…”

We accept that invitation, and have put on our thinking caps, to head straight to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page… so you readers don’t have to.

Three Tag Lines We Propose For Rogue TV

1. “Think of it as a video version of the social network page you can read for free, that plugs Sarah Palin’s Christmas 2014 book in March.”

2. “Think of it as a bunch of moving pictures and not a newspaper, because you can’t name a newspaper.”

3. “Think of it as a video version of the video on her Facebook page plugging her show ‘Amazing America’ on Sportsman Channel.” 

Yes, Amazing America is a real show, and you can watch a commercial for it by clicking here. All you need to know is she tells America to get “Red, Wild, and Blue,” and the show features “the man cave of all man caves.” We’re sure that the names “Sportsperson Channel,” and “Sportsmen and Sports Women Channel” were taken, and that is why Sarah Palin is moving her television the more gender-inclusive “Rogue Channel.”

And we’re also sure it’s not because Palin fans will find it easier to locate Rogue TV (to be available on Tapp, whatever that is), compared to Sportsman Channel (on whatever channel that is between 1 and 999).

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  1. We all knew that one day Facebook would be used for large-scale evil.


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