This Is What May Happen When The Judge Of Your Case Asks To Be Your Facebook Friend, And You Do Not Accept The Invitation

The Wall Street Journal reports that a U.S. Appeals Court disqualified a Circuit Court judge from a case due to a Facebook friending incident.

Specifically, the female judge was hearing a divorce case, and apparently tried to add the female spouse in the case as a Facebook Friend.

Request denied! Or ignored! (Or however these things work.)

The judge than made a ruling that the female spouse found unfavorable, leading to an appeal suggesting the judge was punishing the spouse for not accepting the friend request.

3 More Bad Suggestions Of Facebook Friends For Judges

1. Appellate Court Judges hearing an appeal about your attempts to befriend people on Facebook related to your case. On the plus side, the Appellate Court would know you are “friendly” and likely one of those people who befriends anyone they meet on Facebook. On the negative side, you aren’t really helping your case.  On the interesting side, if two of the three appellate court judges accept your request, and one denies it, and provides a dissenting opinion, you have just created a perfect question for a law school exam!

2. Person you sentenced to ten years in prison for theft. First error: they’re getting out of prison. Second error: you are one of those people who updates your vacation whereabouts, making your home easier to rob!

3. Person you sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole. This may seem like a safer friend choice, but chances are they will have nothing to do but update their status 24/7 with photos of prison meals, and articles from Upworthy, meaning you may miss more important updates, like the person in paragraph 2 just checked into your house.

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