In France, Protesting Is Done By Turning City Street Into Barnyard

The Local reports that protestors dumped tonnes of manure outside the French Parliament.

This follows a reported incident where protestors released hundreds of live chickens outside the gates of the French Assembly.

3 Worse Things The French Could Dump In Front Of Their Parliament

1. Their girlfriends. Sure, there are no laws that you have to end a relationship in a classy French restaurant. While it may seem like you are getting your “it’s over” message across with all the manure in the street, your soon-to-be-ex may not hear what you said with all the chickens clucking.

2. Their actress girlfriends who are 18 years younger than them (only applies to President of France). With all those French protestors in the streets breaking up with their own girlfriends, it’s a sure thing she’ll meet someone better instantly, leading to dumper’s remorse, now that he can’t have her back.

3. Tons of manure. You just sent thousands of trucks to clean up “tonnes” of manure, when in fact “tons” of manure is a lot less. You should have learned the imperial system before taking on your job as French-Urban-Barnyard-Curator!

Not The Worst News: Kinda Teaching You About The Metric System For 3 Milli-Decades!

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