Maybe Planning A Major Sports Event In A Frigid Winterwonderland Was Not The Best Idea

The Bleacher Report reports that the resale value of Super Bowl tickets are falling as game day approaches.

From the article:

“As of Jan. 27, the cheapest ticket listed on NFL Ticket Exchange (the league’s official resale site) was $1,592.

… the cheapest ticket was $2,700 the day after the conference championship games ended, so prices are falling fast.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. The price is falling for tickets to an event, which may or may not have the date changed in NYC, a city where it is not uncommon to be hit by snowstorms shutting down three major international airports? Totally unforeseeable! Except for one NFL fan from Iceland who may be reconsidering his investment in tickets to the game, and plane tickets from Reykjavik to Newark via Helsinki, Frankfurt, and Philadelphia. Now in fairness, while air traffic problems may have been foreseeable at the time of planning the event, since the game is being played in New Jersey, traffic problems due to bridge and tunnel mystery traffic study lane closures may not have been as foreseeable!

2. $1592? That’s the going rate to see Bruno Mars perform for 20 minutes in the back row of a football stadium instead of watching the Puppy Bowl in the comforts of your own home, right? Sure, snow might block your view, but hey, that’s not the worst incident involving Bruno Mars, and snow, right?

3. Hey, media, $1592 isn’t that cheap, is it? We’re not certain what the real cost would be, but that would still be too much for us to pay for seasons tickets to every professional sports team in Tampa, and it doesn’t snow there!

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