Just In Time For The NFL Playoffs… Swamp Cabbage Pizza?

QMI Agency reports that a Florida restaurant is serving “Everglades Pizza” featuring such toppings as python, swamp cabbage, alligator, and frog.

A medium 14 inch pizza goes for $45. The restaurant is also reportedly toying with the idea of “Roadkill Pizza” featuring Armadillo, Raccoon, and Possum, but apparently finding suppliers for these meat products is a little trickier than python.

3 Dumb Pizza Recipes We’d Like To See

1. “Alleged Justin Bieber Pizza.” This pizza would allegedly feature raw eggs, which the Biebs reportedly allegedly threw at his neighbor’s house, and broth, because he was allegedly at a Brazilian brothel. So the broth doesn’t accidentally cook the raw eggs, the entire thing is served frozen.  Which is just how you like to buy it at your supermarket, and eat it, when you’re too lazy to put it back in the microwave after biting into the undercooked pizza because your microwave “pizza” button sucks.

2. “NFL Half-Time Wardrobe Malfunction Pizza.” This pizza features a mountain of toppings that fall off, delivered by a man with no pants. Why is he wearing no pants? Because it is more convincing he has no change for your twenties when he has no pockets, ensuring a better tip from drunk playoff watchers!

3. “Chris Christie Bridgegate Pizza.” This pizza also features a mountain of toppings, because that’s what Governor Christie would want on his pizza. And although he never told anybody that’s what he wants, his aides just decide to give him what they think he wants, without any consultation whatsoever, wink, wink! Oh, almost forgot to mention, that during delivery, mountains of toppings will fall out of the delivery person’s vehicle, resulting in lane closures.

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