The Local reports that in Rome, Italy, police are using Twitter complaints from the public to give out parking tickets.

3 More Fines We’d Like To See Result From Social Media

1. A fine for following people to get them to follow you back, when you have no intention to read anything they ever have to say. As least that’s how we presume the people who post nothing but incomplete sentences and #TeamFollowMeBackAwwwwYeaaaaaah get tens of thousands of followers when they have nothing to say. Not even something mundane like what they had for lunch.

2. A fine for showing photos of what you are having for lunch. Unless you have figured out a way to electronically share that sushi you’re eating with hungry Facebook friends, you can assume that if people wanted to look at pictures of sushi, they would just go to the Sushi Wikipedia page.

3. A fine for vandalism of Wikipedia. While typing “get a life losers” may seem funny to people reading the Wikipedia entry on “Sponges,” you just know that at least ten elementary school kids are going to copy the vandalism into their essays on “Sponges In The Middle Ages,” totally depressing their middle-aged teachers, who think they are being called “losers.”

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  1. Why do people think you want to look at 57 pictures of anything on line if they would never think of showing you that many in person?


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