Under The Wire! One More Ridiculous Headline For 2013!

Here is a headline from QMI Agency today:

“Sex doll sent into space.”

Apparently, that’s exactly where a California-based adult products maker sent a doll named “Missy,” using a hydrogen-filled balloon. And by “apparently,” we mean they filmed a You Tube video where you can watch the clothed doll eventually burst in space and fall to the Nevada desert.

Is the video safe for work? Well, we guess that depends where you work, but as mentioned, the video makes a point of letting viewers know that clothes the doll is wearing are not included with the doll.

3 Places It May Not Be Safe To Watch This Video At Work

1. At the International Space Station. Between monkeys from Iran, sex dolls, and boring satellite feeds of the “Walking Dead,” you never know what might hit you in space! So space is no place to watch YouTube videos!

2. Your New Year’s Eve Party. The last thing you need tonight is a drunk person inspired by the video attaching your helium balloons to your noisemakers and party crackers and trying to send them into space while standing on the lawn chair of your 55th floor balcony. Not safe!

3. From the Newsroom Of A New Year’s Eve Broadcast. Do you really want to risk accidentally inserting this video into the live feed? While everyone hopes to see the ball drop in Times Square, you’ll have footage of an inflatable doll dropping somewhere in Nevada! And you though getting stuck working on New Year’s Eve was the worst thing that could happen.

Happy 2014 to Not The Worst News readers in Australia, Japan, and the rest of Asia!

This concludes the 2013 Postaday WordPress daily post challenge. Yes, we did it.

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4 replies

  1. I was wondering what that sound was. I thought maybe it was a sonic boom or terrorist attack (we get a lot of those here on the Oregon coast). Good to know it was only a sex doll exploding.


  2. Congratulations on beating the daily post challenge! This probably deserves a bigger celebration than launching a sex doll into the air.


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