In A World Full Of Zombies Where Nobody Has Heard Of Zombies…

Last Sunday, on the Walking Dead, or as we call it “That Zombie Show Where Nothing Happens,” the sheriff character met some other place-filler characters. As is typical on this show, when the main characters meet new characters, they learn that the new characters have a name for zombies that is not zombies. Examples of this include things like skin-eaters and biters. This always requires correction by the Sheriff character, who made clear to the people he just met “We Call Them Walkers.”

3 More Proposed Lines About What People Call The Zombies On The Walking Dead

1. We call them “Michael Jackson Thriller video extras who never found alternate work.”

2. We call them “Toronto Mayors Before Happy Hour Crack Smokers.”

3. We call them “Obamacare Enrollees With Pre-Existing Biting Conditions.”

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  1. Why not just call them “zombies”? Does the word “zombies” attract zombies?



  1. 3 Theories That Perhaps Indicate Why The Walking Dead Characters Don’t Call Zombies “Zombies” | NotTheWorstNews

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