Is It Time To Prematurely Blow Your Wad Of Money On Xmas Gifts?

Yesterday, we wrote about K-Mart reportedly setting a record for earliest-ever Christmas shopping advertising by running ads on September 9.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “If I don’t act now, does that mean K-Mart stores will be full of chocolate Easter bunnies when I try to buy my Christmas presents in December?” We recommend asking one of the K-Mart employees dressed as Cupid, in the Valentine’s section around November.

2. “I’m in the market for 2020 Tokyo Olympic games T-Shirts. Is now the right time to pick them up at K-Mart?” Hey, that’s almost seven years away! Do you really think your current size XL will fit then, when you’re spending all your time prematurely eating Advent Calendar chocolates that you just bought from K-Mart? If you want to end up on Santa’s “nice” list, you’re not supposed to eat the chocolates until the corresponding day in December!” 

3. “If Santa is buying your kids’ gifts three months early at K-Mart, doesn’t that indicate he secretly has no hope of them making the ‘nice’ list, and is also prematurely judging your kids guilty until proven innocent?” Hey, you can’t blame Santa for being a bit surly this year when K-Mart is milking his holiday in September, yet apparently not hiring him to work in K-Mart stores during this usual mall Santa unemployment season. 

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