We’re Continuing Joking About 12 Month Windows For Steve Balmer’s Retirement

Yesterday we wrote about reports that Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, says he will retire in 12 months.

3 More Things We Don’t Want To See Happen Related To This Story

1. Prior to retirement, every Windows user gets a free software upgrade including the Steve Balmer retirement calendar screensaver. Spoiler alert: December includes a sexy photo with Zune. Ooh-la-la!

2. This is one of those Michael Jordan/Jay-Z like retirements, where the hero misses the game and emerges out of retirement to return. Just in time for Zunebox 3D!

3. Just when all of the work has been done to ensure this retirement happens, Steve Balmer crashes, requiring the entire process of preparing for retirement to start again! On the plus side, looking at a blue screen saying push F-something on the keyboard will still be better than looking at February on the retirement calendar/screensaver! Nobody wants to spend February reading heart-shaped instructions of how to use Windows 8, whatever that is!

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