What’s Wrong With With This Headline?

Yahoo reported in an article entitled “Can You Spot What’s Wrong with This Picture of Stacy Keibler” that George’s Clooney’s girlfriend forgot to zip up the side of her dress, revealing her underwear.

Spoiler alert: if you click on the link and can’t spot what’s wrong with the picture, you don’t know how dresses “work” and must immediately proceed to the nearest Dress Barn!

As always, before you click on the link, we have to figure out if it’s safe for work for you.

3 Places Where A Revealing Photo May Or May Not Be Safe For Work

1. Yahoo. Since apparently someone thought spotting what was wrong with the subject picture was headline appropriate, it seems unlikely that anyone at Yahoo would notice anything potentially revealing. Safe For Work!

2. The Fireworks Factory. As we mentioned yesterday, work safety is paramount at such a manufacturer! Therefore images of a woman in a revealing dress may inspire distracting reactions, whether they be laughter, or pinning up the photo on the wall right over the emergency safety procedures. NSFW!

3. An Underwear Factory. You might think, “I see this underwear rolling down the assembly line all day, so what’s the big deal?” The big deal, is you’re in a factory, this is no time for ‘What’s Wrong With This Pictures,” Magic Eye Puzzles, or Twister! NSFW!

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