Hey, If You’re Gonna Do Your Kid’s Homework, Make A Volcano At Home!

The Toronto Sun reports that a 52-year-old woman in France was arrested after unsuccessfully trying to impersonate her 19-year-old daughter at a high school English exam.

Zut alors! This English class didn’t teach the Freaky Friday lesson that you have to switch bodies before living your kid’s life!

3 Worse Things A 52-Year Old French Woman Could Impersonate

1. A mime trapped in a jail cell after trying to impersonate her daughter during an exam. No need for impersonations when the real thing is in already in jail, impersonating her daughter visiting her to look more popular. (This requires one half of the face being disguised as the daughter, while the other half being the mother, in case you were concerned about logistics.)

2. The Eiffel Tower. There’s just too much competition to make money impersonating this one, ranging from Tokyo Tower to the fake Eiffel Tower at Paris in Las Vegas! Perhaps you can impersonate the Louvre? That would be much more complicated!

3. A science fair volcano which erupts when the baking soda is mixed with vinegar. In this age of World War Z and the Walking Dead, nobody wants to see someone foaming at the mouth in a crowded science lab!

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