Who Says You Have To Be A Unicorn To Have A Photo Of One On Your Passport?

The Daily Mail reports that a nine-year-old British girl was able to enter the nation of Turkey using a passport identifying her with a picture of a unicorn. Click here to view the passport pic and see if you would have caught that it was not the girl depicted by the unicorn!

That’s nice and all for entering Turkey, but good luck clearing British customs on your return without a unicorn in tow!

3 More Places We’d Like To See Unicorns Accepted As Photo Identification

1. Colorado medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Actually, we assume that is acceptable ID there, but we’re not up-to-date on the law!

2. Future U.S. Presidential candidate birth certificates. We’d hope for equal acceptance of unicorn short-form birth certificates for candidates of either party, but we have a feeling Republicans would have a greater issue with this, since obviously unicorns resemble donkeys more than elephants, and they may be partisan that way.

3. On any mortgage application in the United States. We hear the housing market is improving, but not at the pre-2008 rates we currently miss! But we do know unicorns are high-income earners who require no further verification of their existence or income to buy a nice unicorn McMansion.

10 More Days Until We Hit A 365 Day Comedy-About-The-News-Writing Streak! Hopefully the world continues to deliver unicorn stories for us to mock during that time period! Stay tuned to see if we reach our goal!

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  1. Actually, if an elephant raises its trunk at a certain, it will look more like the unicorn than the donkey.


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