People Pay $37,000 For Atari Landfill Games. Hope The Sellers Pay Their Taxes On That!

Yahoo News Digest reports that Atari video games buried in a New Mexico landfill landed $37,000 on eBay. We first wrote about the story here.  While lots of people were excited about a flawed E.T. game, here are:

3 Atari Game Characters That Should Have Never Been Buried For Decades In Landfill

1. Dig Dug. Really, if you can’t figure out how to dig your way out of the ground after 20 years of being Dig Dug, you really don’t deserve to star in a video game.

2. Gopher. Like Dig Dug, in this obscure game, you get to try to burrow your way out of the ground. Apparently, in this game your job, as a gopher, was to get carrots before getting whacked by a farmer. But as everyone knows, failing to eat carrots ruins your vision, which is probably how you wound up in this landfill instead of above ground.

3. Tax Avoiders. Yes, video game fans, this was a real game. How exciting it must have been to try to dodge taxes. But not exciting enough for us to get bored reading the description of the game. Anyway, we think we can all agree that tax avoiders don’t deserve to be in landfill, but rather white-collared jail.

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