Gawker Trying To Raise $200,000 To Buy Video Of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack… Why Does Your Sandwich-Making How-To Video Only Have 3 Views On YouTube And No Offers To Buy It?

As we wrote yesterday, a report indicated Gawker had been shopped a video of Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, Canada, allegedly smoking crack cocaine.

Gawker is currently asking readers to donate money to support buying this video to post it on its web site, as the video’s owners want $200,000. The good news: if Gawker raises the money, and the deal goes awry, they will donate the money to charity. Currently Gawker has raised $45,000.

3 Questions That Arise From This News Story

1. Why would a mayor allegedly smoke crack while someone is recording it? Oh, right, because their decision-making ability was allegedly impaired by allegedly being on crack.

2. Will someone publish this video, and the Mayor tell the alleged truth of what’s going on in it so we can stop the word “allegedly” from ruining the flow of our alleged jokes?

3. What will the owners of the video do with the $200,000 if they get it? Buy 200,000 ninety-nine cent breakfasts at IKEA? As furniture store food products remain a constant source of worthy news material for this web site, we have our fingers crossed!



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5 replies

  1. This is, allegedly, a fine post.


  2. Donating this money to charity may sound like a good thing. But as a person who donated some money (not a lot but still), so the tape gets in our hands, I didn’t pay so it goes to charity. The deal was that the money goes for the tape. And then I read an article from LSM Insurance about what will happen if they don’t buy the tape If it goes to charity from Gawker, who gets the tax deductions I ask? Is someone going to profit from our money, that was meant for something else? That’s just frustrating and morally wrong.


    • If they are entitled to tax deductions, we think Gawker should donate the tax savings resulting from those to charity, too. And if that leads to further tax deductions, then they should donate the savings from those… it will be endless, and hopefully result in Gawker donating infinity to charity, if our math is correct!


  3. Hi friend!

    I’ve just came across that stuff on the web and completely fell in love with it! You’ve got to see that! Here is the link

    Hugs, joshuapacleta


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