Good Will Haunting

Earlier this week, funny blogger Diatribes & Ovations nominated this blog for the WordPress Family Award.

That blog has a tagline: “Because RantsAndRaves was already taken.” And we would like to give an ovation to the person who thought of that name first, because they obviously know what’s in demand. And we would like to start a diatribe about how easy it is for anyone to currently buy the domain, when that is obviously an awesome web site name, too. See, we just gave you a good idea for a web domain – that’s good will, friends!

To receive the award all we have to do is name 100 blogs we like, 300 blogs we think are just okay, and twenty blogs we accidentally hit “follow” on while reading news about Sweden. Then we just have to post a logo for the award and then keep our fingers crossed that this award actually exists, and isn’t a ghost that lives at the haunted web site we could have bought moments ago.

Of course, we sincerely appreciate these nominations whenever we receive them, and then ignore the rules and immediately proceed to the nominator’s blog and write an entry about their blog.

And accomplishing that has never been so easy, because an entry this week that you can read here, is about funny news headlines!

And one of those headlines was about a man who reportedly accidentally shot his cousin in the shoulder at a Halloween hide-and-seek party gone awry. She was dressed as a skunk, and the shooter’s mother had seen a skunk at the party earlier and asked him to shoot it, which apparently didn’t help matters, when she was hiding on the “ground.”

And you thought you were having a bad day!

3 Worse Halloween Costumes To Wear At A Party Where People Will Also Be Hunting

1. The U.S. Constitution. Nothing’s more embarrassing or ironic than accidentally shooting someone right in the second amendment part of their costume.

2. A Copy of the DVD Good Will Hunting. Okay, shooting a DVD isn’t exactly showing good will, especially if you’re holding apples and the shooter quotes the movie “How you like them apples,” after shooting the apples, leaving you with hands full of apple sauce.

3. Bullet-proof Body Armor Salesman. Wearing the body armor would be a good idea at such a party. Carrying it door-to-door in a briefcase, not so much.

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