Burglar Breaks Into Incorrect Home, Thinking It Was Rihanna’s House.

Yahoo reports that a man was arrested in Los Angeles for breaking into a house, which he incorrectly thought was Rihanna’s home.

3 Things That Could Have Made This Situation Worse For The Man

1. The man could have been listening to the song by Eminem featuring Rihanna called “Love the Way You Lie,” after someone totally lied to him about Rihanna’s address.

2. The house could have been NRA-member and musician Ted Nugent’s house, and the burglar could have luckily not been shot by Nugent, but had to listen to Nugent’s rendition of “Rock N’ Roll Hoochie Koo.”

3. The burglar could have busted into Vince McMahon’s house and heard the WWF album version of Rock N’ Roll Hoochie Koo, before being taken down by the Honky Tonk Man in the classic “Shake Rattle N’ Roll” finishing move.


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