Water Into Wine = Miracle. Beer Made With Water Selling For A Lower Price Than Water = Super Miracle?

The Wall Street Journal reports that a beer controversy is “brewing” (their words, don’t judge us!) in the Czech Republic because a pint of water costs more than beer in pubs there, and the government wants to introduce a law which would change that.

3 Worse Things That Could Be More Expensive Than A Beer In A Bar

1. Airline peanuts. Like water, these things are free on airplanes, but unlike water they will not send someone into anaphylactic shock (after sending them into shock that a bartender is hoarding peanuts from an airplane and selling them at his bar.)

2. Water that turns into ice the minute the bartender pours it. We’ve seen videos all over the internet of everyone from firemen watching water freeze as it shoots out their hoses, to people who like to pour pots of water off balconies that turn into ice as it’s so cold in many places in the world right now. So you should have known better than to order tap water in an ice palace bar in Siberia.

3. Water that turns into wine the minute the bartender pours it. This may have been exciting in 30 A.D., and maybe even now, but you still shouldn’t have to pay for what is essentially a screwed-up order!

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  1. It’s true here, I live in CZ and the beer is mighty cheap, and mighty delicious too 🙂


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