Burbank Retailer Reports Run On Twinkies

Forget George Bailey style runs on banks… according to CNBC a retailer in Burbank is reporting a run on Twinkies, following reports that the parent company Hostess Brands may liquidate its assets.

Meaning someone else may buy the rights to Twinkies.

3 People Twinkies Lovers Would Not Want To See Buy The Rights To Twinkies

1. Health conscious New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. He may be wealthy enough to do the opposite-of-diabolic unthinkable: stop manufacturing Twinkies.

2. Donald Trump. As we’ve already reported here, at least some Trump branded ties aren’t made in America, so do you really want to eat imported Twinkies? We suspect the province of Quebec, Canada would find a way to make Twinkies even unhealthier, by covering them with gravy and cheese curds, and renaming the product “Twinkie Poutine.” Still, everyone in Quebec may manage to remain slim while eating more dessert than the rest of Canada, as reported by Yahoo.

3. Yum Brands. The parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut have been known to replace Taco Shells with Doritos, and bread with chicken, but is the world really ready for a stuffed-Twinkie-crust pizza? Apparently in Burbank, the answer may be yes.

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