Rich Kids Of Instagram Ironically More Popular Than Major Web Sites According To Alexa Estimates

We first wrote about the Rich Kids of Instagram in an entry that can be viewed here., the 18th most visited web site in the world, according to Alexa estimates, is home to Rich Kids Of Instagram. Well, it’s not technically home to these kids. A quick visit to the site would indicate the summer homes of these kids are places like the Hamptons, where they can pose in front of Rolls Royces, and then submit the photo for the whole world to see!

Also, according to Alexa estimates, #RKOI is now responsible for over 1% of Tumblr’s traffic. In fact, Alexa estimates RKOI is one of the top 3,500 sites in the entire U.S.

People apparently like their “receipt porn” where kids post receipts for things like 4 bottles of Champagne for 20,000 Euros (before tip), ordered at 3:40 in the afternoon. Little do they know, you can find plenty of people willing to sell you a “real” Rolex, complete with a real “receipt” indicating the price of the watch is $20,000, including a random guy in Times Square who will sell you the watch and receipt for $50, because, you know, receipts can never be faked by anyone with Photoshop or a cash register.

3 Web Sites That Are Ironically Less Popular Than Rich Kids Of Instagram According To Alexa Estimates

1. U.S. traffic ranking at time of writing this article = 64,913. Sorry, Rolls-Royce, the public apparently would rather view self-proclaimed rich kids they don’t know than online information about the actual vehicles.

Our submission to RKOI – whoa, did we ever party with this thing in the background (bottles of Grey Goose not pictured.)

2. Web surfers may love their receipt porn of bottles of Dom Perignon, but the actual product site only gets a 180,865 Alexa traffic ranking in the U.S. Hey marketing folks, stop wasting time on pics of the bottles, just tell web-surfers what it costs in a Paris restaurant!

3. (p.s. clicking on the previous link goes to the site’s Alexa traffic rankings, not the Hustler site, so it’s safe for work, unless you work as a driver in a demolition derby, in which case you shouldn’t be reading and driving!) Anyway, with an Alexa U.S. traffic ranking of 11,556, it seems web surfers may rather view receipt porn than the other kind of porn. Hey, IRS, if receipts for wasteful items continue to remain in demand, you may consider taking pics of those receipts in audit files, and create your own pay-per-view receipt porn site to help solve the U.S. debt problem!

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