TV News/Opinion Program Shows Photos Of Wrong Person In “Moron Of The Morning” Segment

NOW Magazine reports that during a segment aired yesterday called “Moron of the Morning,” a journalist at Sun News in Canada gave the title to a woman named “Lauren Ash” who organized a peaceful protest against the Mayor of Toronto.

The Sun News segment showed pictures of the wrong Lauren Ash, according to NOW. And the wrong Lauren Ash happened to be a popular comedian who had won a Canadian Comedy Award for best performance by a female in a TV series just a week earlier!

Click here to read the wrong Lauren Ash’s Tweet showing a letter from her lawyer to Sun News Network.

3 Additional Bad Ideas Of People To Feature In A “Moron Of The Morning” Segment Than A Peaceful Protestor Or The Wrong Person

1. The members of the band Slaughter, who sang the song “Up All Night (Sleep All Day).” Obviously, it’s impossible to be a “Moron of the Morning” when you’re asleep all day! Unless you’re asleep at your job at a TV station, while putting a segment about “morons” together.

2. Dracula. Again, hard for a vampire to be a moron in the morning, with all the blinding daylight. Also, insulting a vampire is probably a bad idea, with the whole biting thing.

3. Your Alarm Clock. It’s easy to get all angry at an inanimate object, as if it’s a person. But before calling the alarm clock “a moron,” you may want to ask yourself, whose fault is it really if you set the clock after a long Labor Day weekend for 7 “p.m.” when you meant “a.m.?”

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