Swedish “Sexy Sausage” Ad Removed After Protests… Which Leads To Protest That The Ad Was Removed!

This is the kind of thing people protest in European countries that don’t use the Euro these days!

As we first wrote here, according to the Local, a “sexy” ad for a sausage, in which a woman’s lips are tightly wrapped around a sausage in a bun, caused a controversy at a Swedish hot dog stand. Since then, the Local reported that the ad has been removed.

This has lead to a local woman protesting the removal of the ad! The woman was specifically protesting that the town was spending money employing a gender expert, who believed the hot dog cart ad may discourage people from moving to the town.

“Everyone’s protesting everything we do! Let’s discretely roll out of Sweden!”

Whichever side of the fence our faithful Swedish and other readers fall on this issue, we think we can all agree that having anyone protesting that your job exists does not sound like a fun way to start each workday. Still it could be worse, as here are:

3 Worse Things Than Someone Protesting That You Have A Job

1. Someone protesting that you don’t have a job! On the positive side, they seem to want to help you get a job. On the negative side, you don’t have a job!

2. Someone protesting that your job is to protest that people have jobs! This would be bad, because if you think about the previous statement, the other protestor would be able to point out that you are kind of being hypocritical.

3. Someone protesting that you have a job at Staples! You just sold them the magic marker and bristol board to make their picket sign! You would have never done that if you knew that they’d use your own office supplies and Staples’ Easy Button against you!

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  1. Thats so strange, I live in South Australia and we have nothing like this… An increasing amount of vegans yes, but not a whole day dedicated to not eating mean…

    I dont see how meat is bad for you if it contains the vitamins and protiens that humans need to help repair damaged muscles. I mean i am not saying vegan is bad or vegitarian is bad i just think what is the point?

    Oh well live and let live as they say – I could never have a meat free diet.


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