GM To Stop Advertising On Facebook! Where Will 15 Year-Olds In The Market For Cars Search Now?

According to the Wall Street Journal, according to Barron’s, according to my ability to read the English language, General Motors plans to stop buying ads on Facebook!  This is terrible news for every 15 year-old unlicensed driver in the market for a new Buick Lacrosse!  But is it the worst news possible?  Of course not, that’s why you’ve come to the NotTheWorstNews web page!

3 Worse Advertisers Facebook Could Lose (If They Have Them As Clients)

1.  Myspace.  Imagine if Facebook lost the Myspace ad account.  Nobody would visit Myspace!  Oh, wait.

2.  The Geico Gecko.  It would be pretty bad if Facebook lost the Geico account and also lost the Gecko.  Ironically, we suspect nobody at Geico ever put an insurance policy on the Gecko, because nobody thought a CGI animated Gecko could ever be misplaced, but we hear those things are actually expensive to replace.  Unlike the Gilbert Gottfried-voiced Aflac duck, which was apparently easy to replace.

3.  Rick’s Cabaret Gentlemen’s Clubs because the entertainment value in your Facebook news feed of watching your Facebook “friends” “check in” “with nobody” at this chain would be lost.

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