Finally, a news site with worse news than what’s happening to you!

There’s news out there.  Much of it’s bad.  Perhaps you were innocently sitting at an airport lounge awaiting your flight for your dream pre-summer trip to Houston, Texas. Hey, it wasn’t your first choice for a dream trip, but after six years of collecting and trying to cash in your airline’s loyalty miles, Houston in May was all you could get.  One year in advance.  With stopovers in Detroit and Cincinnati.

And midway through your 17 hour trip from Atlanta to Houston via Detroit and Cincinnati, it hits you:  the televisions in the Cincinnati/North Kentucky Airport are airing bad news on CNN.  The world’s ugliest dog has died.  This news shouldn’t be surprising because part of being an ugly dog involves being 200 dog years old, which leads to a never-ending world’s-ugliest-dog-crowned and world’s-ugliest-dog-died news cycle, both of which are increasingly bad news for said dogs.

To make matters worse, you get more bad news at the airport via text message.  Your best friend didn’t get that promotion he wanted because while working late to get the promotion he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with his married boss at the office. The boss is married to your other best friend.  So your first best friend also got fired and lost his girlfriend, and managed to tell you all of this in 140 characters, in hopes of immediate consolation, even though your plane is now boarding.

And as you try to console your friend in 140 characters or less, more bad news: your smart phone has just died because you spent the first eight hours of your trip listening to the latest Nickelback song on repeat.  Which leads to further bad news when you explain the situation later and lose a friend (because your newly single first-best-friend realizes you have bad taste in music and will never go to the Black Keys concert with him anyway, and decides there is no point of staying friends).

Yes, bad news is everywhere.  But this blog isn’t about the bad news.  It’s about worse possible news.  And the even worse possible news.  And maybe even the worst possible news.

In other words, this blog searches for bad news from a variety of sources, including you. Then it presents scenarios that would widely considered to be worse news; even worse news; and the worst possible news that could occur under similar circumstances to the original bad news.  And then when you read these scenarios, you will massively enjoy your free trip (plus taxes and baggage fees) to Houston as you realize that the initially seemingly bad news of not getting your first vacation choice was in fact Not The Worst News.

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