Canadian Prime Minister: Reopening NAFTA Not Real Issue

CNBC reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he is “not worried” that any U.S. Presidential candidate will reopen NAFTA, and that issue is not a real issue.

Meanwhile CNN reports that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says Republicans need to focus on their accomplishments in the upcoming election.

3 Observations About These Related Stories

1. So Mexico says it won’t pay for a wall, and Canada says renegotiating NAFTA is not serious… Donald Trump sure sounds like he’ll do a fantastic job at being taken seriously by the rest of the world.* Sure Donald, none of them take you seriously now, but when you’re President of Bad Ideas – they’ll totally take you seriously.

2. Speaking of taking things seriously, which accomplishments is Paul Ryan referring to? Voting against everything? That is a wonderful accomplishment if you actually are able to get a paycheck for that!

3. Is it fair to say the Republicans’ greatest accomplishment has been not doing anything to the point that a reality TV star that offends everyone is their potential future leader? Um… maybe Paul Ryan should focus on something other than accomplishments – it seems to be working for Trump.

*Perhaps at Disney World, or that fake Europe part of EPCOT Center, if that’s still a thing.

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