3 Observations After Bernie Sanders’ Sweep

Bernie Sanders swept the caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington… here are 3 observations…

  1. He won Alaska and Hawaii: two states you totally can’t get free shipping and handling to! We can only assume the ballots were delivered via Birdie Sanders. Is there anything that bird can’t do?
  2. He also won Washington, home of Amazon, who gives free delivery via its Prime service. Perhaps he can redistribute the high free shipping coming out of Washington to Alaska and Hawaii, if we are understanding his plan correctly.
  3. Which is a more appropriate use of the word “super”: Superdelegates who are sticking with Clinton despite Sanders clear popularity or the latest Batman vs. Superman movie? We haven’t seen it, so you decide!*

*You may be thinking “that’s not an observation” – very observant of you.


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2 replies

  1. Perhaps in the case of #3 you meant to ask “Which is less worse”? I haven’t read a review yet that thinks Batman v Supe is good (1 to 2 stars at best), and I don’t much like the idea of superdelegates either.

    But I’m still glad Bernie won here in WA, where we do everything important via shipping and handling. We caucus in person, but we vote exclusively by mail.


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