3 More Similar Vice-Presidents We’d Expect To See

Yesterday we wrote about a study showing that opposites don’t attract in romance or friendships. We thought the same may hold true in choosing Vice-Presidents, and suggested some similar potential running mates for current Presidential candidates.

Here are 3 more we’d expect to see…

  1. Hillary Clinton and Ivanka Trump. They both attended Donald Trump’s wedding to his current wife, Melania, so they totally have that in common. Just like we’re sure Trump voters have lots in common with Donald, who will certainly be more loyal to strangers than gift-giving wedding guests.
  2. Donald Trump and Billy Joel. They also both attended that wedding. In fact you can read more guests by clicking here. Anyway, Billy Joel once sang “Only the good die young,” which is exactly the kind of yes-man science you want your Veep to believe if you brag about your vices on your reality TV show.
  3. Marco Rubio and the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers. Hey, they all have a good chance of winning something in Florida. Plus, Rubio’s latest debates seem more like hockey fights than debates, so totally appropriate.

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