Trump Hears “42%” Of Americans Are Unemployed

In his New Hampshire victory speech last night, Donald Trump told America and his supporters not to believe America’s 5% unemployment number.  He’s hearing the number is more like 42%…Really? We have…

3 Explanations We Have For What Trump Is “Hearing”

  1. Perhaps that’s the unemployment rate at Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., after it closed the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City in 2014. As that company still operates the ironically Muslim-architecture-themed Trump Taj Mahal casino, maybe that’s where he heard that number.
  2. He’s hearing that 42% of Americans don’t fact check anything, so even though they have jobs, are likely to believe they are unemployed, and also likely to support someone who “tells it like it is!”
  3. Trump is counting every baby, child, and retired senior citizen as “unemployed,” and somehow using these irrelevant numbers and bad math to result in 135 million Americans being “unemployed.” Which is higher than the entire population of Mexico, which is about 125 million people.  So if we follow Trump’s recent rhetoric, basically everyone in Mexico moved to America and stole everyone’s jobs.  Then, to complete the math, 10 million more Americans lost their jobs.  So if this is your reality, namely, everyone in Mexico moved to America and stole someone’s job, and then ten million more people lost jobs, that math may work. However, it’s no wonder so many people lost their jobs when a Wharton Finance grad apparently can’t do basic math.

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2 replies

  1. You muricans really deserve Trump to be your president… He defined ALL that is “american”.


  2. We want God back in our country. They were telling our preachers what not to say. We dont want babies killed. We want to pray before our ball games and have clean parades for our children. We want to be able to hunt and defend our families. We dont think its right to force teachers, doctors and ministers to endorse things they dont believe in. So get mad. We love our veterans. We love our God. We are not just white, we are not just men, we were all colors and genders, and yes, God blessed America.


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