NY Times Rates Accuracy Of Presidential Candidates’ Statements

The New York times ran a piece looking at Politifact rankings of all the major candidates for both parties.  Politifact looked at major statements by politicians made since 2007 and then ranked them from ridiculous and untrue (aka “Pants On Fire”) to half-true to mostly-true.

Ben Carson fared the worst, with 4% of his comments qualifying as true or “mostly true”, followed by Donald Trump ay 7% mostly true or true.  At the other end of the spectrum: Bernie Sanders 54% true or mostly true, Hillary Clinton 51% true or mostly true, and Jeb Bush at 48% true or mostly true.

Since we’re all about helping politicians tell the truth, here are:

3 Campaign Slogans We Propose For Various Candidates Based On This Study

  1. “Donald Trump: Tells It Like It Is.  Seven Percent Of The Time. Please Don’t Do Any Research On How It Really Is.”
  2. “Jeb! Almost Accurate Enough To Pass An Elementary School Test Requiring 50% Correct Answers To Pass.”
  3. “Ben Carson: In Case This Politics Thing Doesn’t Work Out, and You Need Brain Surgery, Come Visit Me! I’m An Awesome Surgeon, and There’s a 4% Chance That’s Mostly True or True!”

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2 replies

  1. Very funny! Too bad its true!!

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  2. Ben Carson’s 4% of true statements probably consist of him saying “Hello, my name is Ben Carson.”

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