Reports: Person Named “Bud Weisser” Allegedly Broke Into Budweiser Brewery

Time reports that a 19-year-old named “Bud Weisser” was arrested on Thursday for allegedly trespassing on a private area of the St. Louis Budweiser brewery.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. Okay, media, did anyone fact check this? This sounds like one of those parody news stories that turns out to have never happened that some intern put online.  We’ll be less sceptical when we know that Mr. Weisser was not trespassing with his pal, Mr. Light.
  2. Seriously, who names their kid “Bud Weisser” – are you still really reporting this as news without a confirmation that the kid’s name was really that? This is not the Ben Carson campaign – we demand legit facts!
  3. Okay, in case you think this is real news, do you really believe the folks at Budweiser would have someone named “Bud Weisser” arrested? They were happy when they had a mascot dog named Spuds Mackenzie.  They totally would have waited for this kid to turn the legal drinking age of 21 and use his name in commercials.  Let’s think about this another way: would you really want to advertise that 19-year-olds can gain access to private areas of your brewery?  (Remember: when you answer this: they are not 19-year old ninjas.)


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