Company Improves Wifi On Planes

Yahoo Finance reports that a company called GoGo demonstrated on a test flight that its in-flight WiFi system can handle data intensive services like FaceTime, Netflix, and YouTube.

3 Slogans We Recommend For Inflight WiFi

  1. Finally, you can watch Netflix on a plane… unless that plane leaves America, in which case you are stuck watching whatever movies are on Bahamas Netflix, if that’s even a thing.
  2. Now you can share that annoying crying baby next to you via FaceTime to annoy your friends on the ground.
  3. And your friends on the ground can show you the free awesome meal they’re eating to return the favor.*

*They just won free fries in McDonald’s Monopoly, which is sadly better!

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1 reply

  1. I think half the guys on the plane will just use it to discreetly watch porn.


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