Yahoo Acquires All Of The Consonants!

Yahoo reports that it has just acquired a company called Ptch, a mobile video and editing app. It added this to its recent acquisition of Tumblr, and not so recent acquisition of Flickr.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “If I start up a tech company with as few consonants as possible in the name, will Yahoo buy me out, making me rich?” This may sound like a simple plan, but we suspect just naming your company Simpl Pln will not make anyone buy your complex business of auctioning off auctions!

2. “What is Yahoo going to do with all of these consonants?” We’re not saying conspiracy, but just try to search for your favorite terms (aka Miley Cyrus – admit it) on a rival search engine without using any consonants!

3. “With Yahoo owning all of these consonants, should I challenge Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to Words With Friends?” It may initially seem like a good idea since you’ll suspect she’ll keep loading up in consonants. But then you’ll learn that “Rhythms” which has no consonants and uses all seven letters for a bonus will do you in on a triple word score!

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  1. Maybe they could standardize the abbreviations people use in texting?



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