Blackberry Releases “Priv” Android Phone… We Suggest 3 Slogans For It.

The Canadian Press reports that Blackberry has released its first Android phone called the “Priv.” So it’s sorta an Android phone with a slide-out keyboard on the bottom.

“Priv” is reportedly short for “Privilege” and “Privacy.”

Since we’re all about offering free marketing to companies, here are 3 slogans we propose for the Priv…

  1. “Using This Phone Is A ‘Privilege’ In The Same Way Grade School Teachers Tell Kids Using A Bathroom During Class Is A Privilege.”
  2. “If You Don’t Like This Phone, Perhaps We Can Interest You In The Porn-Surfing Privacy Phone We Call ‘The Perv.'”
  3. “Blackberry: Yes We Really Expect People To Pay $899 For This Thing In Canada… As Soon As They Legalize Recreational Marijuana There.”

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  1. As long as it’s not short for “privy”.


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