Toronto Blue Jays Clinch Playoff Spot And Didn’t Seem To Know

The Toronto Blue Jays clinched a playoff spot last night, but it seems that they, and some of the media, just realized it now.  The team Tweeted the news within the past hour.

Seems the media was too busy focussing on standings and magic numbers, and not on actual season-ending match-ups.  Simply put, as the Rangers play the Angels and Astros during the regular season, it was impossible to have any outcome with those specific games that resulted in the Blue Jays not clinching a playoff spot.

3 Suggestions For Sports Media and Teams

  1. Invest in a computer program better at calculating play-off berths than a 1990s Sega Genesis Major League Baseball cartridge.
  2. Look at the schedule.  For example, if your opponent is playing at Quicksand Field over the next three days, they may be unable to logically make the playoffs.
  3. If you own a team that hasn’t made the play-offs in over 20 years, pay attention to the fine details, like whether your team finally made the playoffs.  Otherwise some street vendors are totally gonna scoop you on “We made the Playoffs” shirt production and sales.

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