Facebook Doesn’t Recognize Face Of Star Employee

Business Insider reports that Facebook employee #8, Matt Jacobson, who deals with Hollywood big-wigs and wears suits and ties often gets stopped by security at Facebook headquarters.  The reason: his suit and tie make him look like a visitor, rather than a hoodie-wearing employee.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

  1. How can Facebook accurately suggest tags for people we met five seconds ago in photos, yet not facially recognize its own employees?  Perhaps the employee should just take selfies on the Facebook app instead of carry an ID badge.
  2. Isn’t it ironic that Facebook can’t recognize employee faces? That would be like Google not recognizing Googly, the shy Muppet from Indian’s version of Sesame Street.
  3. How does Not The Worst News expect Google to recognize some obscure Muppet from Indian Sesame Street? Isn’t finding obscure stuff like that what Google is for? That’s how we found adorable Googly.  Yes, dear reader, that’s the kind of investigative journalism we are willing to do for you.

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