Enjoy Your Apple Watch Courtesy Of Major League Baseball, Ed Yost. Now Don’t Use It To Access Data.

MarketWatch reports that Major League Baseball gave the Kansas City Royals Manager, Ed Yost an Apple Watch for managing the AL team in the All-Star Game.

And then MLB staff phoned him during last night’s Royals game to make sure he wasn’t using the watch to access data.

Because accessing electronic data during a game is apparently against the rules.  Although the MLB did confirm the Apple Watch is permitted to be worn during games.

This raises the question: what data? We have 3 guesses…

  1.  Finding out which umpires signed up for Ashley Madison, the “dating” web site that encourages users to have affairs, that was hacked with all of its users names posted online.
  2. All of the boring statistics on baseball cards, scorecards and the out-of-town scoreboard that can be viewed from the dugout.  This information may only be stored in managers’ heads, much like Vegas card-counters.
  3. Google Street View. MLB certainly doesn’t want managers stealing catchers’ signs from a Street View photo taken six months ago.

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