Facebook Confirms Nobody LOLs Any More. What’s Your Excuse Texas And California?

Business Insider reports Facebook conducted a study in which they studied posts and comments in the last week of May.  The most popular way of laughing online was: “Haha.”

“LOL” was used by just 2% of users, and saw highest usage in California, Texas, Alaska, Florida, and whatever state is to the west of Kansas on a map.

Let’s try to find 3 potential excuses for the LOL-ing states.

  1. Kardashians responsible for 95% of social media in California, skewing the results to “dumbed down.”
  2. Due to low oil prices, Texans and Alaskans can’t afford to replace keyboards that have jammed “Caps Lock” keys – and can only type “LOL.” (Hint: maybe you can use the cheap oil to lubricate the keys.)
  3. Your grandparents still use it – so thanks Florida – haha!

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