3 Excuses For Sirius-XM’s Jenny Eliscu For Her Apparent Lack Of Metallica Or Lollapalooza Knowledge

Yesterday, we made light of the fact that Sirius-Xm Host Jenny Eliscu asked Metallica’s James Hetfield if they ever played Lollapalooza before in an interview aired on Alt Nation.

We pointed out that a quick search on Google and Wikipedia would reveal that Metallica headlined Lollapalooza 1996, which many alt rock fans may argue ruined the original festival, resulting in its 1998 cancellation.

Then we took our own research advice and visited Wikipedia, where we found Jenny Eliscu is also a contributing editor to Rolling Stone. Her SiriusXMU page describes her as a “music nerd” who has profiled Motley Crue. (Where are the umlauts, WordPress? iPhone autocorrect would have put in umlauts in “Crue!” But we digress.)

How could a Rolling Stone contributing editor be so unprepared for a Metallica interview? As we like to help the media out, here are our three suggested excuses that Ms. Eliscu could make:

1.  Too busy researching sequel to her book “Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide.” (Available used on Amazon for One Cent plus shipping!”)

2.  Too busy rocking out when she was at school to learn how to throw a last-minute report together using Wikipedia and fans in Metallica tees as “sources.”

3.  Windy city stormy wind at Lollapalooza blew away original pre-interview notes made by her intern who went to one of the party schools in the Rolling Stone guide.

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