3 Slogans We Propose For Caesars Casinos If They Go Bankrupt

Reuters reports that following an unfavorable judge ruling, Caesars Entertainment Corp may be forced into bankruptcy.

Since we are all about helping companies, here are 3 slogans we propose for the company.

1. The House Always Wins: Unless You’re Caesar’s Or Donald Trump.  P.S. Donald Trump, you’re welcome to gamble at Caesars!

2. Hey, we don’t just put the “Casears” name on just any casino. In addition to Las Vegas, you can find our brand in glamorous places like Atlantic City, New Jersey and Windsor, Ontario, and nowhere else.

3. We also own iconic brands like Harrah’s and the Horseshoe. Yes, we thought putting these brands all over the country was a better idea than building a fake pyramid, New York City skyline, or other monument to a cooler place to go.

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