Even If You’re A Leprechaun, Your Carry-On Bag May Be Too Large For Your Next Trip To Ireland

Yahoo reports that the International Air Transportation Association has introduced an initiative to reduce the standard size of carry-on bags.  Fortunately, America, the U.S. Air Carriers trade group does not seem interested in reducing the size of carry-ons. We’re sure this may create some confusion, so here are:

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Now what will I do since I can’t carry on my small Matryoshka carry-on bag inside a larger Matryoshka carry-on bag?” – Russian traveler and Matrysoska doll fan.

2. “Great, I love giving the suitcase industrial complex and Ryanair more money.” – Ryanair fan who expects to be charged more money to bring a new smaller suitcase on the plane.

3. “Perhaps I should bring fewer inflated thundersticks on my next trip to Europe.” -American Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

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