3 Questions That Arise From Furious 7’s Massive Opening Weekend

Box Office Mojo reports that the movie Furious 7 opened to $384 million worldwide this weekend, and was also one of the top ten domestic openings of all time.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is there any reason to doubt that the American economy is in good shape when people spend their discretionary income on another instalment in this series to watch producers destroy expensive cars? (Hint: there doesn’t appear to be much “discretion” among the consumers that paid to see this.)

2. How many more years of sequels can we expect from this franchise? We look forward to 2045s offering “Furious 70 Year-Olds.” Starring your next door neighbors who complain you drive too fast through the neighborhood.

3. Well at least this will give Universal Studios much needed cash to make movies with screenplays featuring more than pages with “Ext. Day. Parking Garage – The car chase continues,” right?  Of course they will! And we’re not just saying this sarcastically because this is the same studio that released 50 Shades of Grey!

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  1. We’ll see it this week, although my husband wants to cry and when we’re home, he actually yells and swears at the TV’s for destroying good cars.

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