Wasted Prank Caller Reaches Prime Minister Cameron’s Blackberry

Reuters reports that a prank caller under the influence of drugs and alcohol was able to call British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Blackberry.  The prankster allegedly impersonated a British official and convinced whoever you have to convince to give him the Prime Minister’s number.

No harm was reportedly done. Accordingly to the Sun Newspaper the caller told them this:

“What’s more, I am off my face on booze and cocaine. I had some spliffs too. I’ve been up all night. I’m utterly wasted. Hilarious.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. The British Prime Minister uses a BlackberryWasn’t that the “secure” device to use in 2006? Prevent drunk stoners from calling me? We’d wager, Mr. Prime Minister, there’s an app for that. On iPhone.

2. What does it say about the impersonated British Official that someone absolutely wasted on numerous substances could do a convincing impersonation of him? The only people we know that drunk people can convincingly impersonate are “other drunk people singing Irish drinking songs.”

3. If you work for the British government, is there no training to weed out wasted people asking to phone the Prime Minister from legit calls? Might we suggest adopting the protocols used by any call in center, which weeds out most sober people with “please enter your password, which you probably forgot because you have a million passwords. Unless your password is 1-2-3-4, in which case, please be advised your information has been breached and please press ‘zero.'”

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