Like A Bridge Over Troubled Fodder

The National Post reports that the City of Calgary, Alberta has spent $5.9 million on a pedestrian bridge that is about 10 to 12.5 centimetres to short to put on the abutments built to support it.

3 Solutions We Wonder If Calgary Will Propose To This Problem

1. Build a people-sized Keystone pipeline to help residents make the trip across the street (via Houston).

2. What problem? This is how infrastructure is built in Alberta. Now who wants an oil pipeline that will be perfect and never leak?

3. Give up, as not building a pedestrian bridge will encourage more people to drive cars, and perhaps drive oil prices back up.

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  1. 4. Drive a horse to the bridge store and have them add 10-12.5 centimeters of petrified wolf milk to the end of the bridge.


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