Not Exactly Done Milking This Story.

Over the past few days we wrote about a Cadbury Spokesperson stating that Cadbury’s British Easter Creme Eggs will be made of something that is “not exactly dairy milk.“

Even 3 More Things We Consider To Be “Not Exactly Dairy Milk”

1. Folk band Milky Chance. The positive thing based on this band’s name is there is a chance they contain exact dairy milk, unlike certain chocolate products. That said, there is a greater chance you will find their music boring.

2. Anything with the word “Shake” in it, but not “Milk.” This includes every copy of Taylor Swift’s 1989 CD featuring “Shake It Off.” By the way, people, why are you still buying CDs – it’s not literally 1989?

3. Milk from cows, and by “cows” we mean whatever mystery meat is in your favorite taco chain’s almost 100% beef burritos.

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  1. Man, who cares? Americans have been sucking down Hersheys for years and that crap’s chock full of sour milk and castor oil. Look it up.


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