Billionaire Oilman’s Ex-Wife Cashes $975 Million Divorce Settlement Check

The Wall Street Journal reports that the ex-wife of billionaire oilman, Harold Hamm, has cashed a divorce-settlement check worth about $975 million. Cashing the check, according to the oilman’s lawyer, results in her losing her right to appeal for even more money.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Did plummeting oil prices result in the decision to take the money rather than wait for an appeal? We have no idea, but perhaps she consulted divorcees of former Beanie Baby tycoons who failed to cash out of their fortunes at the right time.

2. The check, according to the news photo, was hand-written – couldn’t the Oil Man pay a machine to print that? What, can’t your computer printer print checks with 9 digits and two decimal points? Good luck writing any future pre-nups with that printer!

3. Was the check hand-written in oil or ink? If it’s oil, that may give us a further clue as to where oil prices are headed.


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  1. Writing a check for 975 million is way too delicate job to let a machine do it.


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