Microsoft Ends Joint Nook e-Book Venture

Yahoo Finance reports that Microsoft has ended its joint venture with Barnes & Noble related to the Nook e-reader. The deal results in Barnes & Noble getting 100% of the Nook venture and Microsoft losing a reported $238 million on the deal.

3 Lessons Learned From This Story

1. Huge Mistake Not Doing This Deal In 1999 and getting Fred Durst to sing “I did it all for the Nook-e (reader.)”

2. Huge Mistake Being Microsoft Since 1999 – around when their stock was on fire, and then they missed iPods, iPads, iPhones, and even the Kindle Fire.

3. Huge Mistake Making Jokes About A Limp Bizkit song from last decade. Sorry, folks, haven’t been able to download any new hits on our Zunes.

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