Thank You For Visiting This One-In-A-Billion Web Site

Yahoo News Digest reports that the number of web sites in the world surpassed one billion yesterday.

And you still came to this non-stop humor-based-on-real news web party, so thank you.

And as the number of web sites grows, .gov, .com, and .org need new extensions to join the out-of-control, growing party, so here are 3:

Web Extensions You’d Like To See

1. .cutekittens – can we all agree to round-up all the online cute kittens in one place? Then anyone who wants to read hard news can avoid the next “You will never believe how cute kitten charms its way out of unsubscribing to cable in two-minute telephone call.”

2. .dumb – if you’re going to give people viruses by visiting your web site, might as well weed out the people who are less likely to click on a .dumb extension, and go straight for the I’ll-click-on-anything-crowd!*

3. .PDF – another great extension to confuse your document lovers while they try to view a document online and instead install a virus.*

*We don’t know why you want to see all these people getting computer viruses. Maybe if you were nicer, a cute kitten would help you accomplish your goals of having your one-in-a-billion web site stand out!

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