Just Another Slow Not The Worst News Week Where Wasps Catch A Thief

QMI Agency reports that a Leeds, England man was arrested after stealing a fish tank, and while on the run with his fish tank he had a bit of a mishap.

Specifically, he had to go to the bathroom, and urinated on a nest of wasps. Which stung him. Causing him to cry. Attracting the attention of the police. Leading to an arrest and conviction.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. You had a fish tank. Those things hold liquid. Much better than nests of easily-agitated wasps. Did you not think of this pre-urination equation?

2. Have you considered taking public urination lessons from Justin Bieber? His container of choice was allegedly a restaurant mop bucket: which like a fish tank, is a much better liquid receptacle than a wasp’s nest.

3. Just how big was this fish tank? We’re assuming if it was worthy of stealing, it must have been pretty big. You know, big enough to hide inside the instant you see a swarm of agitated, urine-scented wasps coming. Or at least big enough to cover the nest of wasps. Can we all agree that this thief was not the Macgyver-of-fish-tank-problem-solvery?

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