Restaurants Offering Discounts To Patrons Who Bring Guns

The Wall Street Journal reports that some small American restaurants are seeing an increase in business by encouraging patrons to bring their guns or carry-and-conceal permits. One restaurant gave 15% discounts to patrons who brought in their guns or permits.

And at a restaurant called “Shooters” in a place called Rifle, Colorado, the waitresses wear holsters packing heat.

One restauranteur reportedly said that “most” people who show up are “responsible” and come in with their guns holstered.

3 Questions We Wager Are Asked At Some Of These Restaurants

1. “Since you brought your gun, would you like to hear our gun-carrier specials? If you shoot a cow, pig, or chicken in our kitchen, you get a 5% discount for saving us butchering fees. Offer does not apply to lobsters, as that never ends well.”

2. “We read in the news that most of the people who bring guns here are responsible. Can we have a seat near the irresponsible gun-holders? This is an interactive western-themed dinner theater and the guns aren’t real, right?

3. “You encourage people to bring guns here? What could possibly go wrong? p.s. in case something totally foreseeable, like an accident, goes wrong, here’s the business card to my law practice, because if people can successfully sue restaurants for serving coffee that is too hot, I think this bring-your-gun discount may help make me rich in the future!”


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  1. Just make sure your law practice tells people to not bring their guns to your office. Because you never know how they will react to your legal bill.


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