Man Charged After Offering People Beer To Throw Eggs & Tomatoes At Rob Ford

Yahoo News Digest reports that a Toronto man has been charged after allegedly offering an online reward of beer to anyone who threw eggs or tomatoes at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at a pro-Ford celebration.

Specifically, the man was charged with “counselling an uncommitted indictable offence.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Eggs? Tomatoes? Beer? This man could have avoided arrest by providing a fine omelette recipe instead, right? (We don’t know how omelettes are made.)

2. Why didn’t the man avoid arrest by just throwing those items at our article last weekend on obscure-enough-to-not-be-recognized-Olympian-Sir-Chris-Hoy? (That is our least popular article of the past two years, unless nobody saw it due to a legitimate tech error we had, much like we never saw any moment in Sir Chris Hoy’s career.)

3. So someone gets arrested for counselling people to throw eggs, who did not commit the act of egg-throwing at the Mayor (who incidentally was not arrested for allegedly doing crack?) What’s going on, Canada? Have alleged criminal counsellors been inspired by Justin Bieber’s California-egging-the-neighbors incident? And when did the North American war against egging begin? And do Canadians really need to be counselled on how to throw eggs? So many questions!

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